What time is it? time! To day the postman bring

Only true heroes go to the end of the world

Memories at Athen @swatchtakesmetoathens @swatch

Damals und heute @swatchtakesmetoberlin @swatch

Find the original Noon – Rest from Work (after

Viking in Europe @swatch @swatchtakesmetotokyo

Boy with bucket @swatchtakesmetoistanbul @swatch

I remember when rock was young…..

Good morning

Do you know the old ABBA song, The Winner Takes

Another good day. Thank you @swatch @swatchtakesmetomars @swatchtakesmetoberlin @swatchtakesmetozurich @swatchtakesmetolucerne

Thank you friends for the challenge

More fun with swatch! thank you: @swatchtakesmetolisbon @swatchtakesmetobarcelona @swatchtakesmetozurich @swatchtakesmetolucerne

More fun with swatch! Thank you

To day a good day. @swatchtakesmetomars

Saturday was a fantastic day!