New Years round at midday

Sun, haze, German Autobahn


Entrance to the chapel in the main cemetery

Evening mode

Night in Dresden

Evening in Dresden

Morning view

Corvette Stringray

Jeep with a Little bike

Friday mode

One day in Frankfurt

Morning walk


Evening walk

Coffee with Sunflower

CSD in MG with @bonzai74

After the rain and storm

This afternoon in Rheindahlen

After the rain and storm

Enjoy the evening view

Evening relax round

Evening walk

Morning round

Evening round

Morning walk

Good Morning

A other evening view to my home


Evening round

Today evening round without dog in Dresden.

Evening walk

Evening atmosphere in our street

A touch of rain

Morning mood

Sunny morning


Peaceful evening


Schnitzel round

Evening view

On the way by train. A new adventure.

Weekend weather

New morning

Kranhaus Süd

Hope to see you all!

I love this colors in May

May 1, 2019