Left and right

Another good day. Thank you @swatch @swatchtakesmetomars @swatchtakesmetoberlin @swatchtakesmetozurich @swatchtakesmetolucerne

Thank you friends for the challenge

To day a good day. @swatchtakesmetomars

Saturday was a fantastic day!

Basecamp on Mars @swatchtakesmetomars

Basecamp on Mars @swatchtakesmetomars

Two Big Bold for Sunday

New love! Swatch Big Bold Jelly

Swatch Big Bold shopping time

What a view!

Little city tour.

A fresh morning

In the underground

First group picture

New friends from USA

What a night. Great Show with Swatch Club

Now we are stars #budapest.

Evening view

Evening view

Breakfast in Budapest with friends

Here we go!

Early birds…

Welcome Swatch PAY in Netherlands

My Swatch Big Bold Blood for this day.

My Big Bold for the rainy day.

Weekend ahead

To much traffic – I am to late.

Time to work

New day, new Swatch Big Bold.

My Swatch BigBold of the day

Swatch Gold & Pioneer Event 2019

Swatch Gold & Pioneer Event 2019

Time for a evening round