Swatch Twins

Swatch nines – day with fun

Back to 1984

I say thank you! Time is what you make of

Zwischen den Lockdowns III

Together at a secret place @swatch @swatchclub

What if you could STOP the time, even just for

Color match thank you @bonzai74 for the picture

Little Swatch Group lap last Thursday

I couldn’t say no.

Long weekend in Swiss


My Swatch of the day on the right

My Swatch today at the left

WOW! I love it! NICE! @swatch @tribolair


Left and right

Another good day. Thank you @swatch @swatchtakesmetomars @swatchtakesmetoberlin @swatchtakesmetozurich @swatchtakesmetolucerne

Thank you friends for the challenge

To day a good day. @swatchtakesmetomars

Saturday was a fantastic day!

Basecamp on Mars @swatchtakesmetomars

Basecamp on Mars @swatchtakesmetomars

Two Big Bold for Sunday

New love! Swatch Big Bold Jelly

Swatch Big Bold shopping time

What a view!

Little city tour.