Windig hier

Schnitzel 26.01.2008 – 26.07.2019


Freude pur

Rund And Fun

Eight weeks without you…

In Gedanken

Ein Wochenende am Strand

I miss my Schnitzel! A week without you. A week

Schnitzel is exhausted

After the rain and storm

Sit and wait

Evening relax round

Evening round

Morning walk

In the water

Happy Boy!



Evening round

Morning walk

Evening walk

Evening walk

Evening atmosphere in our street

After rain and 10 degrees less

Sunny morning

Hot evening walk

Morning walk

Peaceful evening

Schnitzel round

Evening walk

Rainy morning

Break at the morning round

foggy on the morning

Sunday morning

Good Morning. Bit early today.

Ein paar Bilder von mir

Enjoy the moment

Good morning!

Morning round

Good morning!

I love my Schnitzel (4.000th contribution)

Evening round

I love my Schnitzel! ️

Two old guys

Enjoy the morning

Morning round

Schnitzel tired